For a long period of time waste management was associated with the simple disposal of waste materials to landfills or other designated sites. Nevertheless, with the course of time, the concept of waste disposal was changed due to growing consciousness in the society and the attitude towards waste management of residents, businesses and the government. The impact to the environment has become a key factor that contributed to the idea of waste management education.Nowadays, many sources promote the idea of waste management education, as well as there are a lot of educational institutions that provide the society with the specialists in the field of waste management. The idea of waste disposal is so widespread, that you can see its hints nearly everywhere. It is colored plastic trash containers in your neighborhood, it is a part of your office management, a part of your shopping and, in other words, it is a part of your daily life, whether you noticed it or not. Waste management education warns the society about the consequences of the mindless use of land resources, as well as it promotes the idea of conscious life and carrying attitude towards the planet.

Upcoming Events 2018

ISWA-SWIS Winter School on Solid Waste Management – LANDFILL & LANDFILL MINING

January 15–26, 2018 — The University of Texas at Arlington and The City of Denton, Texas, USAThe school, created for Ph.D. and MA students from all over the world, as well as WM professionals, has an objective to provide advanced knowledge in the field of waste management to an international audience. So each participant will be able to learn about the potential and challenges of sustainable waste management, including landfill and landfill mining. Training is delivered in a blend of styles, including the in-class, theory-based training and hands-on, operational training. The course covers the following themes: landfill siting, design and construction, operation, landfill equipment, landfill leachate management, landfill gas management and utilization (including economic, health and sanitation aspects as well as environmental risk assessment related to the landfill). Hurry up to register before 15th December 2017!Website:

Global Waste Management Symposium 2018

February 11-14, 2018 — Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa – Indian Wells, CaliforniaGlobal Waste Management Symposium happens only once every two years, so do not miss a chance to come and to see the world-class content and breakthrough research! The symposium includes meeting with sponsors who can help you to solve the biggest challenges your company is facing. The 2018 program is more comprehensive than ever! It is aimed to deliver the critical content and research that you need to know and you are interested in, including enhanced landfill temperature, leachate and condensate management, landfill gas and landfill gas management, gas collection and system management,  strategies and case studies of leachate treatment, landfill operations, coal combustion residuals, emergency regulatory issues for MSW landfills.Website:


April 14–19, 2018 — Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South, NVISRI2018 is aimed to provide you with the highest level of information and education available in the industry. Highlights will include international trade, human resources compliance, business valuation and commodity specific areas. The event will feature discussions in each of topic areas such as plastics recycling summit, ferrous and non-ferrous, tire and rubber, paper, and electronics.Website:

Waste360 Investor Summit

April 23, 2018 — Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Halls, Las Vegas, NV, USAThe 6th annual Waste360 Investor Summit is a great opportunity to learn solid ideas and actionable insights from some of the industry’s rock stars. The event is aimed to gather corporate executives and institutional investors in the waste and recycling industry in order to provide you with a great day of learning and analysis full of thoughts and ideas you will not find anywhere else.Website:

The 6th Annual Composting & Organics Recycling Conference Program and 3rd Annual Food Recovery Forum

April 23-26, 2018 — Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Halls, Las Vegas, NV, USAThe 2018 conference includes nearly 4 days of educational and technical sessions on Organics Management.  Come to learn more about Composting, Anaerobic Digestion, Organics Recycling, Renewable Energy from Organics, Bioplastics, Compostable Products, and more. Also, do not miss the 3rd Annual Food Recovery Forum part to learn about solutions to reduce food loss and waste in the US, the ways to rescue wholesome food to feed the hungry, and to recover inedible food residuals for beneficial reuse.Website:

Healthcare Waste Conference

April 24-26, 2018 — Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Halls, Las Vegas, NV, USAThe Healthcare Waste Conference is the only annual conference in the US devoted to healthcare waste. It focuses on the regulatory, legislative and technical issues that affect the healthcare waste industry. Highlights will include safety for workers, handlers, patients, and the community at large; accreditation issues; infectious disease updates and risks; autoclave advancements and best practices; the growing importance of data in the industry.Website:

5th World Conference on Climate Change and Global Warming

May 23-24, 2018 — New York, USAThe main theme of the 5th World Conference on Climate Change and Global Warming is Abrupt Impacts of Climate Change. It focuses on the Climate change and its effects. The Conference will include prompt keynote presentations, oral talks, poster presentations, and exhibitions.Website:

2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy and Resources

August 27-28, 2018 — Boston, Massachusetts, USAThe 2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy and Resources includes 10 plenary forums in one event. The conference is based on the theme “Generation to Generation Energy Evolution for Sustainable Future”. The Conference will include prompt keynote Speaker, presentations, oral talks, poster presentations, and exhibition. It is aimed at academics, researchers, professionals, administrators, educational leaders, industry representatives and Business leaders.Website:

17th International Conference on Environmental Toxicology and Ecological Risk Assessment

September 24-25, 2018  Chicago, Illinois, USAThe 17th International Conference on Environmental Toxicology and Ecological Risk Assessment will include keynote presentations, oral talks, and poster presentation. Based on the theme “Probing the Advancements and Technologies in Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment”, the conference will highlight various topics, including environmental toxicology and risk assessment, global warming, food toxicology, environmental pollution, environmental education, environmental health and safety, waste management and much more.Website:

9th International Conference on Recycling: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

December 5-6, 2018Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaThe 9th International Conference on Recycling hosts Nobel laureates, speakers, delegates related to recycling research, Recycling Industries, Recycling Associations and Policy Makers, from around the world. The conference is based on such themes as recycling, recycling basics, and waste management techniques and will highlight such topics as e-waste recycling and management, solid waste management, waste water recycling, plastic recycling, paper recycling, industrial waste recycling, chemical waste recovery, food waste recycling and many more.Website: