Cutting Down Pollution with New Natural Gas


The city of Jackson, Tenn., is one of the first cities in the US to cut down on pollution with a full fleet of the company’s new fuel-efficient trucks. According to Dawn Cole, Waste Management is on the way of converting their trucks from using diesel fuel into compressed natural gas. There are about 7,000 vehicles throughout the US on compressed gas, so hopefully, they will help to save the environment.

Leaders across Madison County came to Jackson Waste Management headquarters to see 17 new trucks on the natural gas. Waste Management states that they have a fleet of 35, so the company is over halfway done converting our fleet. Also, four more trucks will appear in the streets of Jackson by the end of this year. According to company officials, one new truck in Jackson is equal to taking 100 cars off the road. One more good news is that such trucks are cutting down the noise.