How to protect your health?

How to protect your health
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Health care is the most important thing in human life.  You need to regularly visit various kinds of hospitals, do a check-up of the whole body, eat right and, if possible, conduct various examinations at home with the help of Antrolife.

Most often, people use blood pressure monitors to observe their health.  These are special devices that help determine our blood pressure.  They are used to avoid heart attack, stroke, kidney failure or other diseases.

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In order to correctly measure your blood pressure, you need to follow some rules, namely:

  1. Do not drink strong tea or coffee before measuring, otherwise it will affect the accuracy and correctness of the results.
  2. Do not smoke before measuring pressure, as it increases it.
  3. It is important to completely remove sweaters, shirts, etc., that is, to expose the place of measurement.
  4. Do not sit with your legs crossed, this raises blood pressure levels. Both feet should be placed on the floor.
  5. Just before taking a measurement, relax and sit still for a few minutes.
  6. Do not talk while measuring pressure and do not watch TV, because emotional stress increases blood pressure.
  7. Place your hand on a secure surface and relax it. After all, the hands are all tense and can overestimate the pressure and thereby affect the correctness of the results.
  8. When laying your arm on the surface, pay attention that the middle of the cuff is at the level of the heart, because if the cuff is above the level of the heart, this will underestimate the pressure and vice versa, the cuff below the level of the heart will overestimate the pressure.
  9. It is important to sit down so that you can lean, because sitting with a flat back, you strain it and this overstates blood pressure.

Thanks to these rules, you can easily find out the exact blood pressure and avoid negative consequences as well as incorrect measurement results.