Top 10 Tips to Reduce Trash

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Trash
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There are numerous ways that will help you to reduce the amount of waste you produce. Here are the top 10 of them.

  1. Using reusable bags and containers while shopping, traveling, packing leftovers, etc. is one of the easiest ways to avoid producing extra waste.
  2. While shopping, try to buy products that are reusable, returnable or refillable. As there are a lot of single-use products produced today, so it is important to do conscious shopping.
  3. It will be wise to avoid individually wrapped items and single-serve containers. Nevertheless, if you have no choice but to buy wrapped product, snack pack or products that go in a single-serve container, it is important not to forget about sorting your waste in order to ensure that it will be recycled.
  4. While shopping, note that some “bulk packages” are just individually wrapped items. In order to reduce waste, you have to avoid double-packaging.
  5. While purchasing some products such as soap and laundry detergents, always choose concentrate ones.
  6. Do not forget about composting. You can combine food scraps, leaves, and yard trimmings in your compost bin to reduce waste.
  7. Did you know that an average American receives about 30 pounds of junk mail annually? You have to understand that in order to reduce the amount of waste, you will have to reduce the amount of unwanted and unneeded mail you receive every day.
  8. In order not to harm the environment and to save some money, it is always better to shop at second-hand stores. Though many people see second-hand shops as something equal to low-quality, it is not so. The truth is that in such stores you will be able to find quality clothing without a need to spend the extra money and produce more waste.
  9. It is always better to buy products that are made of recycled content. What is more, you can continue the process and reuse them as much as you can. For example, do not leave the back side of your notebook pages empty to move on to the nest clean notebook. As well as there is no need to use a single-side print if you can use a double-sided printing. Also, always make sure that this or that document really needs to be printed as there are many cases when you can avoid using paper and share your document via e-mail or fax.
  10. Always buy such products as juice, snacks, and other lunch items in bulk. This will help you to accomplish two goals: to save the planet and to save your money. Note that packaging makes up about 30% of the weight and 50% of trash by volume.