Waste Management Tips for Upcoming Holiday Season

© Brown32 | Shutterstock.com

According to statistics, 40 % of food in the US goes uneaten and is discarded. Furthermore, only 1 out of 4 plastic bottles are recycled and the other three end up in the landfill. 1 in 5 children in Napa County does not know where the next meal will come from. Finnaly, 2.12 billion tons of waste are dumped each year across the world and the US is #1 trash generator.

Such shocking statistics turns jokes about upcoming holiday season into a real problem. Yes, you know them. Jokes about eating so much that you need to nap or to loosen your belt, as well as about leftovers you will have for weeks.

So before you waste lots of money buying a giant turkey or unbearable piece of ham and making a 10 pounds of sweet potatoes, ask yourself if you really need so much food to feed everyone. If you do not have any definite answer, then you can simply use a calculator called “The Guest-imator” to learn how much food you need to keep your guests full and happy. The calculator released by Save the Food and the Natural Resources Defense Council takes in consideration even that some people eat more than others. Furthermore, it can help you to calculate your leftovers if you want some and will provide you with a special option if you are a vegetarian.

As you will cook all that delicious food, do not forget about your compost bin. Also, remember that if you have a bunch of leftovers that go uneaten, your compost bin is a great place for them. Also, make sure you use your recycling bin.

We have also an advice for those who are planning to host a large party: whenever possible, try to use real plates. But if you are dreading using reusables because there are too many guests, choose paper plates instead of those made of rigid plastic. The thing is that you can compost paper plates even in case they have a wax or plastic coating, while plastic plates are typically landfilled.

Always remember, small changes make large impacts, so you can make a difference just making some small actions at home and while out.